Membership Benefits

Advantages of being a JSPE member

By becoming a member of JSPE, you can enjoy the following advantages.

  1. Not only can you learn the role and acceptability of PE and the attitude of becoming a PE from senior PE, but you can also contribute to the improvement of social welfare, health, safety and the status of engineers.
  2. You can participate in seminars, workshops and workshops sponsored by the Society with a member discount, and you can obtain the PDH required to renew your PE qualification.
  3. Through interaction with engineers of different specialties and generations, you will have the opportunity to think about the way of life of engineers from a broad perspective, which will help you to grow.
    At the same time, each person's work can be expanded.
  4. For those who have passed the PE exam but have not registered (quasi-PE) or EIT, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with PE who lives in Japan widely through volunteer work. Not only will you be the first to know about US state registrations for PE certifications and PE exams, but you'll also get the right advice.
  5. Through NSPE and PE associations in each state of the United States, the circle of engineers in the United States will expand.
  6. You can get advice and member-only support regarding the procedures required for PE registration.
  7. You can enjoy family relationships without any common interests in Europe and the United States.

PE handbook

The official version of the PE Handbook will be sent free of charge to those who have joined JSPE.
If you are a non-member, you can see the official sample at the venue such as the JSPE seminar, and you can apply on the spot.

PE Handbook (Sample)

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