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Links to PE registration / update information for each state board are posted.Each state board has its own laws and may make different decisions in each applicant's case. The information is posted based on the information as of February 2016, 2, but since the information is updated and changed frequently, it is your responsibility to meet the requirements of the state you wish to register when applying for PE registration. It is recommended to check if it is.

This page provides information about states that have been registered by PE members as part of the JSPE membership service, and does not limit any registration destinations in accordance with the JSPE policy for PE registration state selection shown below.

[About PE registered state selection]

  • In principle, we will follow the NCEES Model Law and Model Rule registration guidelines, and will not comment on whether or not to register in individual states.
  • Regarding the procedures that members / non-members perform for each state board, we will respect the examination policy of each state and provide as much support as possible to facilitate the examination.
  • Strive to provide information and advice to members / non-members to improve the reputation of Japanese engineers on each state board
State of Oregon Oregon Information
State of Washington Washington State Information
State of Texas Texas Information
State of California California Information
State of North Carolina North Carolina Information
  • Board home page
  • North Carolina Registration / Updates
    • Application form etc.
    • Address Change Per Board Rule [21 NCAC 56.0505 (a), .0606 (a)], you are required to provide
      the physical places of business and residential addresses. 
      You can still provide a PO Box for your mailing address. 
      You can login to the Licensees Only section on the Board's website
      at anytime to update your addresses and e-mails. 
      Also, you are required to give notice to the Board of a change of
      at anytime to update your addresses and e-mails. 
      business or residential address within 30 days of the change.
    • PE registration renewal Login required
    • Inquiry
State of Delaware Delaware State Information
State of Arizona Arizona Information
State of Alaska Alaska Information
State of Wisconsin Wisconsin Information
State of Louisiana Louisiana Information
Kentucky Kentucky Information
Missouri Missouri Information

In addition, the PE registration experience of each state isMembers-only pageIt is described in

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