History of JSPE

What is Japan Professional Engineers Association (JSPE)?

JSPE was established in Tokyo in September 2000 with the aim of improving the technical level of PE in Japan, improving and securing the status of engineers, and establishing its ethical aspects (serving health, safety, and welfare). It is a specified non-profit organization (NPO corporation).
In August 2001, we entered into an affiliation agreement with the US Professional Engineers Association (NSPE), advocating the practice and dissemination of Western-style engineering principles represented by the NSPE Code of Ethics. ..In February 8, we signed an MOU with the Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) for the purpose of promoting the acquisition of US Professional Engineering qualifications. (JABEE Website-Collaboration with Japanese Organizations) http://www.jabee.org/international_relations/other/


Alliance agreement with NSPE MOU with JABEE

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    As of March 2018, there are 3 members.Of these, 372 PE members have PE qualifications registered in the US states.

    Prospectus of establishment

    JSPE establishment prospectus

    the purpose

    The purpose of this association is to support activities for members to recognize and understand international engineering standards through their expertise and to protect public safety, health, welfare and property with high ethical standards.


    While maintaining close ties with the American Association of Professional Engineers (NSPE), it provides members with the opportunity and opportunity to develop their technical capabilities and social status.
    We will provide a place for members to strive to maintain and improve the high international standards of engineer ethics.
    We will contribute to the development of professional engineers with a wide field of view who can play an active role in the world.
    We support members to contribute to society through their specialized work and provide opportunities for mutual support among members.
    PE and engineers aiming for it provide an opportunity to study highly specialized technology.


    Through the internet and human interactionAmerican Professional Engineers Association (NSPE)To promote continuous exchange of views on the imagination and progress of expertise between both members.
    We will hold a specialized technology seminar so that members can improve their advanced specialized technology.
    We will hold seminars and campaigns so that members can confirm the ethics of engineers and raise their awareness.
    We will provide a place for members to exchange information and exchange opinions in English as an international common language.
    Members will be dispatched as volunteer activities to prepare and implement the PE and FE exams.
    We will hold effective seminars for engineers aiming for PE.
    We will provide members with information on the activities and trends of JSPE and NSPE through the association magazine and website.

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    Japan Professional Engineers Association