For those who need to renew the PE license

About PE license renewal procedure (Notes)

Each state information Click here for more information.

About CPD (Continuous Professional Development) and PDH (Professional Development Hours)

The purpose of CPD is to maintain and improve the continuous ability of PE.All PE registrants must show that the PDH obtained from CPD at the time of renewal exceeds the time required by each state board.
An overview of the PDH requirements for each state board can be found in the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).Web pageYou can check from (NSPE members only).
Some states, such as Washington, do not currently require PDH for updates, but the requirements of each state board change from time to time and may require PDH in the future.
The following is an overview of the NCEES model rules that underlie the PDH requirements for each state board.Each state board makes state-specific changes or additions to this model rule (eg, Oregon allows up to 6 hours of self-study in materials that significantly improve the competence of your area of ​​expertise).

  • Requires 1h PDH in a year
  • The excess from the required PDH in the renewal period can be carried over to the next renewal period only for 15 hours.
  • PDH acquisition means
    • 1 university semester (half grade) time at ABET accredited university 45PDH
    • 1 University Quarter (4th grade) Hours at ABET Accredited Universities 30PDH
    • Short-term courses, correspondence courses, etc. 1 Continuing education unit 10 PDH
    • Participation in learning, seminars, job meetings, and study groups 1PDH / 1h
    • Education in attendance learning, seminars, job meetings, study groups 2PDH / 1h
    • Articles, papers, and books published in technical publications 10PDH (papers with referees) 5PDH (others)
    • Active participation in the board of directors / committees of job / technical organizations 2PDH for each organization
    • 1 PDH per patent
  • Record keeping
    • The registrant must responsibly maintain a required course credit record with the following information:
    • Required activities, host organization, date, place, period, instructor / lecturer name, PDH unit acquired
    • Documents proving the fact of attendance, such as attendance certificate records with a certificate of completion

Specific examples of PDH acquisition in Japan are as follows. (For seminars sponsored by JSPEEducation and training businessTo page)

  • Participation in JSPE-sponsored seminars
    • One PDH will be given per 1h of seminar, and a certificate of participation will be issued by JSPE.
  • Lecturer at a seminar hosted by JSPE
    • 1PDH will be given per 2h of seminar, and the participation certificate will prove that you are a lecturer.
  • Posting to a technical magazine
    • Even if co-authored, 1 PDH or 10 PDH will be given per paper.
  • Attendance of NSPE-sponsored webinar
    • NSPE web pageEducation pageHas a link to Web Seminar.
    • You can take classes at a discounted price by becoming an NSPE member.

In addition, private education companies in the United States offer web learning accounts that allow you to obtain PDH for a fee, and some state boards also offer webinar for free.

The board (OSBEELS) requirements in Oregon, which has the largest number of registrants in JSPE, are: The Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying (OSBEELS) web pageIt is described in Administrative Rules (Oregon Administrative Rules 820) at 820-010-0635.

Also, when to renew the license and the application formRenew a License pageIt is explained in.

According to the Oregon State Board, up to 10% of people subject to renewal will be audited and will be required to submit a certificate of participation for the PDH applied for at the time of renewal. Must be done.

Please note that the board may request a copy for auditing purposes, so it's a good idea to keep a record for three years (Texas requires a three-year record).


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