PE registration advisory activity (members only)

PE registration advisory activity is a member-only service.Only the outline is introduced here.

At JSPE, members with PE registration will give advice on the following contents so that member engineers aiming for PE registration in the Americas can complete the registration without extra effort due to procedural matters.

  • Matters concerning educational background evaluation and syllabus English translation procedures
  • Matters concerning work experience description
  • Matters concerning the interpretation of the Americas PE registration rules, etc.

Background of PE registration advisory activities and syllabus English translation support

NCEES Educational Background Evaluation Review Support

When you apply for PE registration in any of the states in the United States, you will be required to take courses at a graduated engineering university that is equivalent to the NCEES Engineering Education Standard (EES), except in some states. increase.This support will help you evaluate whether your courses at Japanese universities meet EES.

JSPE collects the EES evaluation results of past Syllabus English translation support recipients, and summarizes how the course content of Japanese universities is judged based on the results.Based on this achievement, we distribute "Guidelines for conducting educational background evaluation based on NCEES EES" to members so that JSPE members can carry out their own educational background evaluation.

Syllabus English translation support

You will need to have an English translation of the syllabus in order for you to receive the NCEES Credentials Evaluations.If this is not provided by the university, you will need to translate it into English, but in principle you (the applicant) are not allowed to translate it into English.If everyone (applicant himself) is translated into English, it is necessary for the university to review and approve the English translation version and then send it to NCEES. Is required.Even if you request an English translation from a translation company, you need to make a request including shipping.Also, the English translation of the full syllabus tends to be expensive.

Therefore, JSPE will confirm the English translation, issue a translation certificate, and send it to NCEES.In addition, this activity will assist in the English translation of the syllabus, and we will discuss the response method and period depending on the amount and content of the syllabus.First, prepare a transcript (both Japanese and English) and the full text of the syllabus Japanese (text data if possible, PDF is fine if not).After confirming the contents, we will adjust the convenience of the collaborators.

The current acceptance status is as follows (Updated: February 2022, 2)
Syllabus English translation support 4 cases Standard work period 2 months / case

In addition to being a member, there are certain conditions for acceptance to receive the above support.In addition, if the reception is concentrated, you may have to wait.Please use the "Inquiry Form" to check the acceptance status.