JSPE activity policy

 2022年度 Activity plan
From April 2022, 4 to March 01, 2023

Building base camps for domestic PEs
Create a Great Base Camp for PEs in Japan

The Japan Professional Engineers Association (JSPE) is a professional organization that brings together a diverse range of engineers with a US Professional Engineer (PE) license.In order to contribute to public health, safety, and welfare as a PE, members shall perform their duties in accordance with high ethical standards and professional standards of conduct, and at the same time, continuously improve themselves in order to follow the progress of engineering. is doing.
Due to the impact of the new coronavirus over the past three years, the conventional face-to-face service has been restricted, and JSPE has also taken measures such as changing many of its conventional services to an online format.As a result, geographical and time restrictions on opportunities to enjoy services have been reduced, and we have achieved record-breaking results in terms of the number of event participants and CPD supply.However, although live distribution alleviates the geographical and temporal restrictions on opportunities to enjoy services, it does not solve them.In addition, we are still exploring ways to effectively exchange members in an online format and to disseminate information from JSPE to society.
In order to realize VISION 2021 formulated in FY2030 [creating a system where member members mutually help each other in the study of not only technical fields but also individual engineers by taking advantage of the diversity of generations, fields and races] It is necessary to build a system that can sustainably obtain the necessary support when fulfilling the role ofTherefore, this fiscal year, under the slogan [Building a base camp for domestic PE], we will promote activities that focus on expanding opportunities for self-improvement, forming a diverse member network, and improving PE awareness.

  •  Satisfaction and expansion of member satisfaction regarding CPD seminars
     Regarding the course format, we will continue to consider a system that can support not only conventional live viewing but also on-demand recorded viewing to eliminate time constraints for participants.In addition, we will provide various opportunities for self-improvement by holding seminars by external lecturers, including those from overseas, in addition to conventional case studies of domestic companies.In addition, by encouraging members to use external information collection assistance systems, etc., we will provide opportunities for continuous learning on various themes other than those selected by JSPE.In addition to simply attending seminars, members themselves can participate in themes they are interested in, and by combining it with a study session type where members can interact with each other and share survey results, it will be possible to promote member interaction, which was lacking due to the corona crisis. We will also try to satisfy.In addition, in order to secure the resources necessary for the operation and improvement of the seminar, we will promote the efficiency of the operation of the seminar and the use of external resources.
  •  Promoting intergenerational exchanges and expanding member networks
      JSPE celebrated its 2020th anniversary in 20, but members from the early days tend to withdraw due to retirement as engineers.Although the senior membership system was established, it has not been effective in maintaining the number of members.Since maintaining and increasing the number of members is necessary for the sustainability and diversity of the association, he first of all believes that the services provided by JSPE will be beneficial from before his FE examination to after his PE registration through cooperation with JPEC. Inform examinees that they will be successful, and try to guide them to JSPE.In addition, by strengthening efforts at universities and SNS, we will promote the membership of student members who will become engineers in the future.
  •  Strengthening the external dissemination of information within the Association
     With the establishment of publicity activities through SNS for CPD seminars, opportunities for non-members and the general public to see JSPE's activities are increasing.We will continue to search for effective methods of dissemination, including additional advertising media. Public awareness of JSPE's activities will be improved by expanding public relations activities in fields and contents that have been poorly communicated to the outside world, such as public disclosure.At the same time, by recognizing and sorting out various stakeholders related to JSPE such as JSPE members/non-members, PE holders/non-owners, age groups, etc., we will determine the direction to strengthen communication.

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