JSPE activity policy

 2021年度 Activity plan
From April 2021, 4 to March 01, 2022

Reconstruction of PE image required by society
Reconstruction of PE image required in Public

 This association is one of the few professional associations where engineers from different fields such as machinery, electricity, civil engineering, and chemistry gather with professional qualifications originating in the United States.In addition, most of the members are qualified individuals, and each person carries out professional activities to improve their technical ability and social status.
While the influence of the new coronavirus requires association activities in a new style, this year based on the thoughts of young PE members and the opinions of various stakeholders obtained from the activities of the 2020th anniversary event in 20. Will develop the following activities under the slogan "Reconstruction of PE image required by society".

  •  Promotion of external transmission utilizing information assets within the society
     While the know-how of past web distribution seminars is accumulating, as in last year, recording seminars will be held so that members can browse those videos and materials "anytime" and "anywhere" and use them for self-improvement. Consider supply.
    In addition, as an initiative to strengthen PE qualifications / systems and information dissemination of JSPE, we will consider introducing various activities of NSPE, contributing to the media, writing books, advertising on SNS, etc.
  •  Continuation of member exchange through CPD seminar
      With the spread of CPD seminars via web distribution, the unfairness of membership services depending on the place of residence is being resolved.In addition, since the cost of seminars can be reduced by web distribution, members can take advantage of external lecturers and actively incorporate the excellent contents of external seminars while offering discounts on tuition fees and free seminars. Strive to manage attractive seminars where you can make new discoveries.
    In addition, CPD seminars such as the Engineers Salon, which focus on member exchanges, will also be held using web conferencing tools, and a place for information exchange and exchange between PE-owned members and members aiming for PE registration will also be created. go.
    In addition, we will actively promote daily involvement with JSPE, e-mail Ogiri to encourage interaction between members, and the use of bulletin boards, and grow independent engineers in response to the fluidization of working styles in society. As an initiative that respects the above, we will provide JOB BOARD and side business information.
  •  Organization of activity portfolio (continued from 2020)
     As mentioned in the above activities, it is expected that face-to-face activities in the conventional style will become difficult in the future.While maintaining the physical distance between people, such as homepages and web distribution, we will further consider the activities of the association, which enables lively discussions and reduces the operational burden.
    In organizing the portfolio, we will determine the direction in which JSPE will focus in the future by recognizing and organizing various stakeholders related to JSPE such as JSPE members / non-members, PE possession / non-ownership, and age group.

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