Outline of JSPE activities

What kind of activity is JSPE doing?

The mission of the SocietyWe are volunteering to carry out the following activities while incorporating the requests of our members.

  1. Providing CPD to maintain PE qualification and providing a place for mutual exchange between membersThe US PE qualification is generally required to be renewed every two years, but at that time, it is necessary to show the certificate of obtaining CPD (Continuous Professional Development) for about 2 hours to the registered state board. JSPE holds specialized technical seminars, engineer ethics seminars, project management seminars ("Kikin" Seminar), engineer's salons, etc. in line with the CPD standards of each state of the United States as needed to acquire CPD Hour for PE members and FE members. We provide opportunities for general members to interact with PE members.
  2. Introducing the US PE system to Japan; We are developing activities to raise interest and understanding of international engineer qualifications, such as introducing PE examinations and PE qualification systems to universities and companies all over the country.In addition, NCEES (National Examination Council) is conducting volunteer activities for PE / EF examination support in Japan.
  3. Interacting with the American Professional Engineers Association (NSPE)We also encourage members to join NSPE and interact with each other through the opportunity of the annual meeting of JSPE and NSPE.We also exchange information with PE associations / PE boards in each state of the United States through the NSPE general meeting.
  4. Exchanges with other organizations and tour activities; As an effort to improve the status of engineers and internationalize, we exchange with other organizations in Japan and overseas, hold tours of advanced production equipment, and deepen our insight as an engineer.
  5. Providing information;website, JSPE magazine published four times a year, annual report published once a year, and e-mail notifications from time to time to support PE qualification (examination and state registration) and the latest interest in international engineers. Provides information.