Exam information

Exam information

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FE / PE exam materials

Introducing typical teaching materials and sources for the FE / PE exam

  1. NCEES (National Council of Examiners) 
    https://account.ncees.org/exam-prep/ From the page In the case of a collection of problems related to "FE" or a reference book, from the tab on the leftFESelect, for a collection of questions about "PE"PESelect to find your area of ​​expertise.
    The FE Reference Handbook used for the FE test can be downloaded as a PDF from the NCEES website.You can also purchase a hard copy from NCEES.
    * For reference only, the shipping fee was $ 1 (as of 77.22) when purchasing one question book.
  2. PPI

FE Exam Reference Book Review

For the "FE Examination Reference Book Review" that can be used when purchasing reference books, please log in to the member site and log in.Information.