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361st Onikin CPD Seminar

Saturday, January 2023, 12 @ 23:9 AM


■ Onigane CPD Seminar:
Date and time: November 2023, 12 (Sat) 23:9-00:12
Participation fee: 1,500 yen (JSPE member), 3,000 yen (non-member)
Lecturer: Mr. Azuma Nishikubo
CPD & PDU: Provide 3.0 PDH & PDU
Format: Web (Zoom)

Application deadline:Tuesday, December 2023, 12, noon

Changing boundaries between hardware and software in embedded systems ~ADI Trinamic's Harwired design~
Boundary condition change between hardware and software in embedded system ~Hardwired design by ADI Trinamic~

In embedded system development, the roles have been divided for many years, with the hardware person responsible for circuit design and the software person responsible for running the circuit.When considering the semiconductor devices used, conventional software is responsible for not only incorporating peripheral passive components into a single chip, but also having hardware that has internal feedback functions such as voltage regulators to stabilize the output voltage. The boundaries between hardware and software are becoming blurred as more and more functions are being incorporated.The reason behind this is that while software appears to be versatile, the disadvantage is that the larger the program, the more resources are required to verify combinations.This trend is also emerging in the field of motor control, with hardwired designs that implement control itself using logic circuits gradually becoming popular, and changes are occurring at the boundary between hardware and software.The lecture will cover Trinamic, one of the product groups of Analog Devices, to which the lecturer belongs, and will deepen the discussion on the differences between traditional embedded development and hardwired design.

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January 2023, 12 (Saturday)
9: 00 AM
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JSPE Education Subcommittee

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