Vision:Vision 03

The Japan Society of Professional Engineers (JSPE) actively encourages engineers to protect public health, safety, welfare, and property through internationally recognised professional engineering practices and ethical conduct.

Values Strategies

1. Educate engineers seeking to improve their expertise to an international level

Promote educational opportunities and support for engineers with a high degree of professionalism
that are willing to work to internationally recognised engineering and ethical standards without compromising Japanese domestic standards.

1.1 Promote engineering ethics:

Promote engineering ethics among the JSPE members, taking into account the differences between Japanese culture and business styles compared to those of the USA.
Emphasize the importance of engineering ethics to engineers and diffuse the engineering ethics to social public.

1.2 Provide support and educational opportunities to engineers:

Provide opportunities to learn engineering management, engineering ethics, and offer support in the resolution of complex issues involving multiple engineering disciplines.

1.3 Encourage discussions and consultations between established professionals, students, and intern engineers on engineering and ethical practices:

Encourage the transfer of professional engineering knowledge from senior engineers to young engineers and students in the engineering departments of university or institutes of technology.

Instill the need to ensure that good ethical practices are taught and maintained throughout their professional careers.

1.4 Provide support to members who intend to set up their own business or engineering practice:

Ensure that members of JSPE offer support and relevant guidance to those members who wish to set up their own engineering business or professional consultancy.

2. Enhance the social status of “engineers” and “engineering”

Obtain public appreciation of the contribution by engineers to the public as a whole, thereby enhancing engineers’ status in society.

2.1 Campaign for an enhancement of professional engineers’ social status:

Enhance the public’s awareness of the engineers’ roles, activities, ethics and contributions to society through mass media, institutes, government publicity, seminars, and public meetings.

2.2 Promote an awareness campaign for the Professional Engineer system:

Actively promote the PE certification scheme through supporting the FE and PE examinations, and introducing a worldwide PE registration system in Japan.

2.3 Collaborate with associated engineering societies and institutions:

Enhance the social position of engineers by collaborating with the NSPE and other associated engineering institutions both overseas and in Japan.

3. Make a positive contribution to society

As an independent engineers’ society, contribute to society through the field of professional engineering practices and conducts.

3.1 Contribute to the resolution of public engineering problems:

Contribute to the resolution of engineering problems in relation to the society’s health, safety, welfare and property, by analysing the problems and recommending appropriate actions for the public good.

3.2 Contribute to the education of youth in the field of engineering technology:

Promote an interest in engineering technology among the youth through educational programmes.

4. Mutual communications, sound and active operations.

Facilitate communications and opportunities for existing and future JSPE members.

4.1 Networking and communication between JSPE members:

JSPE provides its membership with opportunities and places to communicate, and gives the opportunity to provide mutual professional assistance and mentoring for less experienced members.

4.2 Offer support to JSPE members on issues of mutual interest:

Deepen the mutual understanding and trust between JSPE members through information exchange and by offering consultations based on experience and expertise as professionals.
(Including coaching members on how to prepare for PE/FE examinations)

4.3 Increase membership:

Encourage existing and joining JSPE members to obtain Professional Engineer (PE), or Engineering Intern (EI) status through advertising the valuable licensing system of registered professional engineers and Engineer Intern.

4.4 Vision and Strategies – continuous improvement:

The JSPE vision must be continuously analysed and reviewed through feedback from its membership, and the public at large, to ensure that its values and strategy remain effective and are consistent with its aims. Where the strategy proves to be inappropriate or where the reputation of engineering as a whole is compromised, the strategy must be revised to meet the challenge.

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