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2nd English Seminar / 2nd English Seminar

Sunday, November 12th @ 11:9 AM - 12: 30 PM

■ English learning seminar
Date: August 2022, 12 (Sun) 11:9-30:12
Participation fee: Free (JSPE members), 3,000 yen (non-members)
Lecturer: Mr. Colin Dale
CPD: Provides 3PDH
Venue: Web (Zoom) only
Application deadline: Thursday, August 2022, 12
■ Lecture title:Famous Canadian engineers and companies
■ Abstract of the lecture:
By focusing on engineering topics in Canada, it's more than just learning English.
As a PE, I aim to deepen my understanding of the actual situation of overseas engineering.
It will be an online lecture by a native instructor from Canada, but since the instructor is fluent in Japanese,
Please use it as an opportunity for self-improvement.
<Theme of this time>

In this seminar we'll learn about famous Canadian engineering companies and some of the engineers associated with them.

・Its founder(s)
・When and where it started
・Its original line of engineering
・The type(s) of engineering it does today
・Some notable projects and achievements
・Interesting facts about it
・How to get a job there

Breakout activities:
In each hour of the seminar we'll learn about a few companies in different fields of engineering. Then you'll be put into breakout rooms. Everyone will look for at least one job that they think they would be qualified for. present the details of your job to your group. Each group will choose the most interesting job to present to the whole seminar. Fields of engineering, companies, and associated engineers (preliminary list, subject to change)

●Telecommunications engineering
〇Bell Canada
■Alexander Graham Bell
〇Rogers Communications
■Edward S.Rogers Sr.
-Ted Rogers
●Mechanical engineering
■Joseph Bombardier
-Aeronautical engineering
〇Pratt & Whitney Canada
〇World Aviation Corporation
〇Avro (maybe)
●Nuclear Engineering
〇Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
〇Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
●Electrical engineering
〇Canadian General Electric
〇(Placeholder for another company to be decided later)
●Mining engineering
〇Hatch Ltd.
〇Canadian Natural Resources (CNRL)
●Civil engineering
〇(Placeholder for companies to be chosen later)

About preparations until the day

ZOOM's web conferencing system is used to deliver lectures.The URL to be used on the day will be notified to the applicant about 2 days before the seminar.Please set in advance so that it can be used on your device (Zoom test site).

In rare cases, due to a problem with the website, the procedure will not be recorded even though you have completed the application procedure.If you do not receive the course procedure the day before the seminar, please contact the Education Subcommittee education.2007 ● jspe.org (please change ● to @).

JSPE members can join this seminar free of charge. The PAY NOW WITH PAYPAL button appearing after submitting an application form is for non-members only.

The seminar is delivered through ZOOM. An attendance guide including the URL of the seminar is going to be sent to applicants a few days before the seminar. It's recommended to set your device in advance by accessing https: // zoom. us / test so you can attend the seminar on time.

Your applications are infrequently not recorded on our website due to a bug. If the attendance guide is not delivered to your email by the day before the seminar, please report to education.2007●jspe.org. (Substitute @ with ●.)

About payment of participation fee (only for non-members)

Participation fee can be paid by credit card with Paypal or by bank transfer. If you would like to pay with Paypal, please click the "PAY NOW WITH PAY PAL" button that appears after submitting the application form from the "Application for Participation" tab above to proceed to the procedure page and pay.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please write "Transfer (planned) date XX month △ day" in the contact information field of the application form and transfer to the following account.

In case of bank transfer, transfer destination:
Japan Post Bank transfer account 00190-6-449293
Japan Professional Engineers Association
(Japanese Professional Engineer Kyokai)

Please note that you may need to enter the following store number and account number when using Internet banking from another bank.
Japan Post Bank (9900)
Store number 019
For the time being 0449293


November 12th (Sunday)
9: 30 AM - 12: 30 PM
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JSPE Education Subcommittee

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