JSPE Members (2020.4)

As of May 2016

PE 177 (Directors: 10, Auditors: 2)
FE 128 (67 passed the PE exam)
AF 27
Student 10
Total 342

Board Members (2020.4)

President Ryo Moriyama
Vice President Tsutomu Koguchi
Vice President Tokoh Nishikubo
Director Tatsuo Kawase
Director Masami Yoshimoto
Director Ryosuke Ohta
Director Toshiki Moriguchi
Director Ryuichi Okuno
Director Kousuke Inaba
Director Noritaka Fujimura
Auditor of Daisuke Ukemura
Auditor of Masahiko Tsuchiya


 Department  Area in charge Directors and members
Secretary General
  • Management of the Board of Directors, holding of meetings, and general matters of the Association
Tatsuo Kawase (director)
Ryo Moriyama
Tsutomu Koguchi
Tokoh Nishikubo
Directors in each department
  • New events, businesses, and its planning
Tokoh Nishikubo (director)
Ryo Moriyama
Masami Yoshimoto
  • Continuing Education (CPD) Seminar
  • Thing about project management seminar
  • About Engineer's Salon (ES)
Ryosuke Ohta (director)
Kousuke Inaba
Tokoh Nishikubo
Ryo Moriyama
External affairs
  • Related to each state PE law
  • Networking with NSPE and Engineers' Association
Masami Yoshimoto (Director)
Ryosuke Ohta
Public Relations
  • Server, JSPE HP, SNS management
  • External primary contact
  • Magazine issue
  • Information to members
Tokoh Nishikubo (director))
Tatsuo Kawase
Noritaka Fujimura
  • Matters concerning membership, benefits and membership fees
  • PE examination / registration support seminar, syllabus support for NCEES CE
Toshiki Moriguchi (director)
Tsutomu Koguchi
Noritaka Fujimura
  • Related to accounting
Tsutomu Koguchi (director)
Ryuichi Okuno
Tatsuo Kawase
Auditor of Daisuke Ukemura
Masahiko Tsuchiya