Address of new president

Address of new president

August 2013
Takeya Kawamura, P.E.
President of the Japan Society of Professional Engineers

Introduction of JSPE

Japan society of PE is a non government and non profit body of Japanese individuals who holds or seeks US PE license.

Since August 2001, we have maintained an affiliation agreement with NSPE (National Society of Professional Engineers, USA), and approx. 20 members are also NSPE international members including me. Why we seek affiliation program with NSPE? The answer is that we firmly believe that US PE licensure is most successful engineering profession in the world.

We have currently 355 membership including 153 PEs registered in Oregon, Washington, California, Texas, Delaware, Tennessee, and some other states and we also have 172 FEs.

Our members are not licensed in any Japanese jurisdiction, but we are the only publicly recognized body advocating US license system in Japan. Most of our members are working for Japanese industries and have international business experience within those industries.

President Takeya Kawamura

We have two major activities. One is mentoring young and some old Japanese engineers to be registered as US PE. The second is running monthly CPD seminars in the capital Tokyo, and Kobe which provide approx. 800 professional development hours annually.

Every June, we hold general assembly meeting in Tokyo, and since 2008 we are honored to welcome president of NSPE.

We JSPE are continuing to tackle this challenge on grass roots basis. We JSPE are continuing to tackle this challenge on grass roots basis.

With all of these backgrounds, we value ethical engineering conduct endorsed by universal education, experience, and body of knowledge.